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Aristoil Not all extra-virgin olive oils are the same!

95% of the world's olive oil is produced in the Mediterranean, mainly in Greece, Italy and Spain, representing the largest olive growing area on the planet.

The common problem for all countries participating in the project is that the average price of olive oil is low compared to the cost of production and there is a strong competition.

The main objective of the project ARISTOIL is to strengthen the competitiveness of the Mediterranean olive oil sector through the development and application of innovative production methodologies and quality control that lead to the production of an extra virgin olive oil with enhanced nutraceutical properties (as recognized by EU Reg. 432/2012).


The Aristoil cluster may include the following types of organizations or companies:

  • Olive growers and olive oil producers
  • Oil millers
  • Experts/standardization organizations
  • Packaging - related companies
  • Government, NGOs and scientific bodies with expertise related to olive oil

The Aristoil project was active from 2016 to 2020 and organized many activities:

  • 72 trainings for SMEs
  • Training of 3000 producers
  • Analysis of 5000 olive oil samples for polyphenol concentration

The winning strategy of the project is articulated through the implementation of several actions that aim to achieve the following results:


Increase in the production of an innovative olive oil by a comparison of the available methods of analysis and their optimization.


Creation of a tool (ARISTOMETRO) for very fast olive oil analysis that allows us to know if it is the right time to harvest in order to obtain the optimal phenolic characteristics and taste.


Improve competences for producing Healthy olive oil, through training for olive oil producers and millers


Increased consumer awareness, through organisation of information days


Development of a Mediterranean Healthy Olive Oil Cluster: with the aim of facilitating networking and cooperation between all Med areas.


The ARISTOIL PLUS project continues the work of the ARISTOIL project aiming to increase the awareness of olive oil actors in new areas of the Mediterranean Sea on innovative production methods that lead to the production of extra virgin olive oil rich in polyphenols and therefore a new product category with a high health value on the market to improve the health of consumers.

To achieve this goal ARISTOIL PLUS transfers the guidelines for the production of olive oil with high phenolic content and certification methods (Health Claim reg. 432/12) in new territories and partner organizations to strengthen the approach and methodology of the Aristoil Med Healthy EVOO Cluster aiming at the sustainability of the cluster in the future.

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