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The Cluster services that Aristol offers are:


Procedural Manual to Increase Polyphenol Content:

The Aristoil Cluster has created a Procedural Manual for increasing polyphenol content for use by producers, millers and bottlers


Aristoil Health Claim Accreditation System:

The Aristoil Cluster has established a procedure to manage and validate an accreditation system to support Aristoil "Health Claim Indication" using Blockchain technology. A technology that allows the tracking and certain certification of the entire production chain.


Certification centers in Greece and Spain:

During the Aristoil project, more than 3000 pilot samples from all participating countries were analyzed in terms of total polyphenols thanks to the University of Athens and the University of Cordoba.


Training seminars and assistance:

The Aristoil Cluster organizes training seminars and assistance in the handling of special methods and tools “the Aristometro” to identify the phenolic components of olive oil.


Analysis with the Aristometro and assistance:

The Aristoil Cluster promotes and supports the Aristoil "Health claim" with tests (or verifications) on production.


Promotion of products validated with the "Health claim" Aristoil:

The platform hosts a section where Cluster members can showcase their products.

Ten good practices to produce an evo oil with a high phenolic content

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