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As part of the Aristoil project, several training sessions have been developed on how to produce extra virgin olive oil with high phenolic content in order to inform olive oil producers about the new methods of measuring oil phenols, the tools used and the benefits of participating in the Aristoil Cluster and applying the proposed guidelines for oil extraction.

In this section you can find presentations for producer associations, educational videos with high dissemination capacity, news in professional journals and magazines, videos of past conferences developing important issues on healthy olive oil.


The Aristometro in conjunction with theAristoleo® Test Kit is a laboratory in a vial providing a fast and inexpensive method to analyze olive oil phenolic content.

Aristometro is an instrument developed during the ARISTOIL project and measures the combined amounts of oleocanthal and oleacein, the two most prolific phenolic compounds found in most olive oils.

Aristoil Training Material

  • Gli effetti biologici dei polifenoli dell'olio di oliva
  • Guide for producers
  • Biological effects of olive oil polyphenolis (en,el)

Aristometro prototype

Training Sessions

  • Aristoil Plus training Pills
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  • State of the Art of OLIVE OIL in the Mediterranean
  • Economic and Health Benefits of EVO
  • Health Claim as a Marketing tool for EVO
  • The Aristoil Cluster and the E.hub

Aristoil guidelines

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